The New Homemaker



Client: in-house

Date: 1999-present

The New Homemaker (TNH) is my own site. For eleven years, I've been writing and collecting resources for stay-at-home moms and caregivers. Despite a few years of unavoidable neglect, it's a still-thriving community of more than 8,000 registered members and 3-4,000 page views a day. Not bad for a one-woman show with no marketing budget!

TNH features Amazon, Views, Adsense, and CCK, and is themed using Fusion and Skinr.

I am gradually rebuilding TNH after my long illness. It needs a good shaking-out in spots. It was built on Drupal 4.7, and has a lot of (upgraded) legacy code that needs cleaned up. It's currently on Drupal 6.x. TNH is partly built around the rhythms of the seasons; the site design reflects this. The background and the right-hand seasonal graphic (which links to a listing of all that season's stories) change automatically based on the equinoxes and solstices. The left-hand graphic rotates with the day, and reflects the old chore schedule now seen only on old-fashioned dishtowels.

TNH is also fairly representative of my non-fiction writing.